Tattoo Care after Eight Hours

The most common question that every new tattoo bearers have is mostly about the bandage that is put on the part where their tattoo is. The most frequent about them, is how long they should keep this bandage on their bodies or when is the perfect time to remove it.  


There are so much technique and tips including advice about this and you could get this or listen to this almost everywhere. It would be a really bad thing if you would remove it without waiting. We know that you are excited to see the finished product and you would like to brag it to everybody but patience is the key here. Again, we are going to repeat this; do not remove it immediately.  

The reason why you should not remove the bandage from your fresh tattoo is that the tattoo will sink in some of the fluids in your body for about two hours or more depending on where you have placed your tattoo and the size of the whole product. When this process happens on your body, you should be able to make sure that you are going to protect both your tattoo and your body.  

The right thing to do is to wait for about four to eight hours. Do not remove it before the mark of four hours and never go beyond the eight hour mark because you will be in trouble. You will create a whole mess of your tattoo and you will regret it when you see it.  

When you hit the after four hour mark and you do not go after the eight hour mark then you could already let other people see your new tattoo but you have to wash it off real quick before you brag about it. You should be using an anti-bacterial soap that has no scent. Having soap with no scent is a very important detail that you should remember and this should not be taken for granted. When you are going to wash your tattoo, never use a scrubber or a piece of cloth to do it, just use your own hands but make sure it is clean.  

You might be asking why you need to do this, the answer is that you have to get rid of the left overs of the cream or the ointment that is put by your tattoo artist. And, there will be bodily liquids that would harden on your tattoo, so you also have to remove that through washing it off. Never use a very hot water temperature in doing this, warm is enough. If you plan to shower while washing it off, do not soak on your tub because it is important that you do not soak your new tattoo in water. After the process of washing, you can now brag your tattoo to your friends.  

If you have a lot of friends that are also tattoo lovers and carriers, you will have a tattoo fiesta on your own and you could share a lot about the meaning and significance of each your tattoos, and it is going to be so fun. But it would be more fun if you are going to follow the things that we have enumerated above because this is the key to seeing AMAZING results of your tattoo once it has fully healed.

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